Professor Wojciech Nowak on Board

Arkadiusz Kuta Written by Arkadiusz Kuta
Published on 01 April 2016
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Professor Wojciech Nowak joins the Innovation Forum (Krakow) as an academic advisory board member.

Since March 2014 he is the P.O. director of the Centre for Energy at the AGH University of Science and Technology. He is also a professor at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH UST, member of 3 Committees of the Polish Academy of Science (Environmental Engineering, Thermodynamics and Combustion, Energy Issues) and also Vice-President of the Polish Institute of Combustion. Professor Nowak’s experience across academia and industry will help the Innovation Forum to strengthen its position as a promoter of scientific entrepreneurship. 

Professor Wojciech Nowak is a recognized scientists who had a significant influence on the development of research in the field of fluidization with particular emphasis on hydrodynamic flow and heat transfer in circulating fluidized bed, fuel combustion in energy boilers with particular attention to the emission of gaseous pollutants, innovative solution in ash disposal and boiler, oxygen combustion of PF and fluidized integrated CO2 capture, sorbents of a new generation,  trigeneration and energy efficiency.

His scientific achievements include developing new solutions to problems of hydrodynamics and combustion in a circulating fluidized bed and issues from interdisciplinary environmental engineering and energy. He implemented several unique industrial technologies focusing on desulphurization, innovative systems of oxygen supply to the combustion chamber, high efficiency of cyclone separation, drying atoms, and the reduction of nitrogen oxides and absorption of heat pumps.

His work has resulted in the publication of more than 500 scientific papers, 7 books, 4 monographs, 26 chapters in books and 17 patents. His work has been recognized through numerous awards, including the Gold Cross of Merit of Poland and the Silesian Governor’s Award “Silesian 5” in Science.

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