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Arkadiusz Kuta Written by Arkadiusz Kuta
Published on 01 April 2016
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The year 2015 was a time of significant developments for the Innovation Forum.  One of them being the expansion into Central and Eastern Europe with new Branches in Krakow (Poland) and Munich (Germany). The Krakow branch, in particular, located close to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany was set up with the strategic aim of further expansion in the region. 

Innovation Forum Krakow will add to the Innovation Forum’s network further connections in the strongly industrialized Southern region of Poland, to drive innovative technology development by helping to break silos between academic institutions and industry and by connecting the best science-startups from the region with global partners of the Forum.

Anna Majchrzak, Business Development Director said:

“I strongly believe that science and business can be two sides of the same equation. Joining the Innovation Forum provides me with the opportunity to help implementing this idea in our region’s innovation environment. The Innovation Forum’s aim of curating the dialog between academic researchers and the industry is very much needed in Poland.”

Anna Jaworska, Events Coordinator added:

“It is amazing that this organization connects so many people with such diverse backgrounds and who are so keen on collaboration and knowledge exchange. I think the arrival of the Innovation Forum to Poland is a major opportunity for the researchers and local industry to expand their international connections and businesses. ” 

The launch event of the Innovation Forum Krakow on the 1st of July 2016 will see experts from Cambridge (UK) and Krakow debating the similarities nad differences of these two innovation hubs. 


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